About GetHits4u.com

Why should you Optimize your Web Site for Search Engines?

What we do for you

  • Measure the current visibility of your site
  • Report on how to improve your visibility
  • Guide your team to build better content for visibility
  • Ensure indexing of your site on search services

Our Team

We have an international network of Internet specialists who collaborate to provide a comprehensive consulting services to companies seeking to improve online visibility. Our success is a direct result of the specialisation of the network members. The GetHits team are totally immersed in Search Engines algorithms, spending 4-5 hours a day on research so that they can provide ‘white hat’ ethical solutions.

Why “White Hat” Ethics?

Our team are dedicated Internet researchers who believe in working with technology to ensure the best outcomes for both the human and technology. As such we will only work with companies who are prepared to conform to our ethical standards. We believe in building a relaible and stable relationship with the search algorithms by providing quality content in a format that is conducive to indexing.

Unlike earlier years when algorithms were less sophisticated but there were more variables that required optimisation, todays algorithms are primarily concerned with content. Can your content be read by both Search Engines and Humans? Is it appealing to Humans? Does it actually say anything or is it just Marketing jargon?